HCG, Trying to Conceive On Cycle

How long after starting hcg on trt will sperm count go up?

I just ordered some hcg and am going to do 2000 ever other day. If I stop trt any idea on how long it will take to become fertile?

You may not have to stop TRT. There’s a lot of people able to conceive while on TRT by just adding hcg and/or hmg. I’ve seen it said to start hcg about 6 months before you want to want to conceive. Not sure how true 6 months before is though.

Yeah I was going to take it like I would post cycle

No need to stop TRT, use TRT, HCG and FSH injections. The FSH is the hormone suppressed by TRT, so HCG wakes up the testicles and FSH creates the sperm. You’re counting on FSH being high enough to create sperm and are basically taking a shot in the dark.

Improve your odds by also using FSH.

I can’t find that stuff anywhere … and I need to come off and do a clean out cycle anyway.

That sounds like a very medical term. A “clean out cycle”. Actually, it sounds like something involving a lot of laxatives. And it’s total bullshit so I guess there’s some similarities.

I’m using it in a stack not technically as trt. And if you never clean out I’d love to see your receptors. :roll_eyes:

You wont find FSH directly, its hMG that stimulates FSH production, in turn leading to the maturation of sperm, this can take up to 6 months.

I have also read that proviron helps with the motility of sperm, you may have plenty of sperm but if their quality and motility is poor, you wont conceive.

Personally, I would drop the TRT dose to a bare minimum to give myself any chance, probably around 50-75mg/week and couple that with hCG/hMG and proviron.

Whatever method you use, please keep this updated, I am always interested in TRT and fertility as I will be using these protocols to try to conceive when the time comes, in the not too distant future.


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This is not a concern for people doing actual TRT, so you should really stop using the term “TRT” to describe what you’re doing.

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Very recently my best friend was having trouble with his swimmers. He started HCG EOD, and he is now a very proud father. the time was around 5 or 6 weeks. I;et him know when his levels were back to “normal”. I told him his semen would start to feel “greasy” when he was metabolizing the HCH. He was taking 250 iu’s EOD.