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HCG TRT Treatment

So I had a quick question regarding HCG

I had started TRT at 22, Sec Hypo and have been on for 6mknths now at 140mg a week with 1mg of Arimidex in seperate doses. Now I am not looking to have children until I’m 30~~, so what is the conscious of this should I start HCG and run it until then, also is it to late to start since I have not taken HCG since starting my TRT protocol and k am already 6 months in. I know many people say that you come back from being infertile but 8 years minimum seems to be a long time and j want to make sure I am not shut down for that long and unable to recover when the time comes. So recommended to o start HCG or should I wait until later down the road.

Thank you

Start now and stay on hcg while on trt.