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HCG Troche vs Injection?

Hi guys. I’m about 6 months into TRT, and really starting to feel adapted. I just got a new round of medication in, and my doctor switched me to HCG troches vs injectable…any thoughts on why he might’ve made the switch, or how effective these are? I’ve always heard hcg orally is destroyed by the gut. I’m awaiting a response from him on the reasoning, but figured I’d jump in here and see if you guys had any feedback.


What is your current protocol
How are you feeling
Why are you on trt

Trochees sound good on paper, but most of the dose is actually swallowed and delivered to the GI tract by saliva.

I tried the troches while traveling, didn’t feel anything like my usual HCG shots.

You are correct, HCG troches are destroyed in the gutt.