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HCG, Tribulus and Estrogen

I have a couple question. First, I have been reading about HCG lately (since my son was put on it to descend a testicle) its medical uses are interesting, but I was reading that it can increase your Estrogen (not refering to my sons use of it of course) because of it increasing your LH and signaling the testes to produce more test. So, does Tribulus have this same effect on Estrogen? I have taken Tribulus without any estrogen blockers before. I know about the M/Tribex stack, but is the stack used to get the best muscle gains or to the block the increase in Estrogen from the Tribulus? Next, if on an estrogen blocker, what is the longest you should stay on? I know a lot of people are affraid of Estrogen but doesnt it have a role in the body (to some extent of course) like bone density. And then, while on an Estrogen blocker is it important to increase Calcium consumption to maintain bone density. Decreases in a womans estrogen is usually when osteoporosis comes in to play. Are these things that should be worried about when taking estrogen blockers, or am I just reading a little too far into things. Been wondering about these few things and figured Id get some others views on the matter.

And if you should take more calcium, what form should you take?



As far as I take it is that the tribulus/M stack is used to maximze the effects you get from each. This is why it is suggested after a prosteroid cycle to get you back to optimal levels quicker.

I have/do take tribex on its own much of the time.

As far as scientic response to your questions, my brain isn’t up and going quite yet this morning. I will check out some stuff if I get a chance to answer your ?'s. Someone will most likly stop in befor hand with just what you are looking for though.


you might want to repost this on the steroid forum.