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HCG to Testosterone


Is there a way of knowing how much testosterone a dose of hcg creates? That makes no sense, but say someone doses 250iu EOD, what would that feel like in terms of TRT? Could I expect at least about 200mg per week? If I were to use hcg as a test booster instead of as pct, would I use a higher dose, 500-1000iu?

Does a higher dose release more testosterone? The idea is to use hcg to add a small testosterone boost to a dbol cycle. Hcg is usually explained in terms of pct, I haven't found anything about using it for an androgenic effect. It'd be easier to dose test SQ instead of as vegtable oil.


Roughly speaking, where there aren't primary hypogonadism issues (the testes having poor testosterone production regardless of LH or HCG) a total weekly usage of about 1500 IU divided into three or more doses per week is typically good for achieving high end of normal or often moderately supraphysiological free T levels.

This is comparable to a typical result from 200 mg/week testosterone in cases where levels were poor in the first place.

A disadvantage is that HCG may have more suppressive effect than what results from instead supplying testosterone in amounts giving similar free T levels, particularly if estradiol levels are kept low-normal.


Thank you for the response! Wouldn't hcg help restore natural production if it's only for 1-4 weeks, or would that only be when used at a lower dose?


There are docs that will prescribe it this way before placing a patient on full TRT. Not saying it works or is the right thing to do, but just food for thought.


I was on HCG and took large amounts 5000 iu per week and also used Femara to keep my estrogen level down. I think it was a waste of $. It sort of worked and was comparable to taking 25 m,g test prop every other day. Now I am on 700 mg of test prop per week and the results are incredible. I feel the HCG was a waste of $ for me.



yeah,BUt hgh is different from hcg. you may search on google. It can give you what you your desire as long as you insist.




HCG doesn't help restore natural production of LH at all.

It does induce testicular production of testosterone.

But the recovery issue generally is of the hypothalamus and pituitary, not the testes.

However if the testes are atrophied then HCG can help here. But the period in which it is being used for this purpose probably adds to the time of the hypothalamus and pituitary being suppressed.


So if the testes aren't atrophied HCG might not speed up the restoration of overall natural testosterone? Is testes size a good indicator of shutdown, could no shrinkage mean there's still natural production?


If the testes have atrophied despite not using anabolic steroids, this is a quite likely sign (or perhaps certain) that LH production has been chronically low.

If they haven't atrophied noticeably from not using anabolic steroids, then this isn't a reliable sign that LH must have been okay.

During a cycle, it's absolutely ordinary for LH to be shut down virtually entirely but for, for quite some period of time, no testicular shrinkage to be apparent. So that lack of shrinkage isn't a sign that LH wasn't suppressed.


Bill, I take your comments to mean that you are of the stance (as it seems many are including Cy Wilson) that HCG use is NOT recommended for restoration of the HPTA. Is this correct?

I wonder because while most literature seems to indicate otherwise, many forum "experts" on many sites still suggest that HCG use both on cycle and proceeding it is beneficial for such restoration. While I don't buy this stance, it is so prolific it would be great to hear your take on this

(Sorry if I'm hijacking, I mean only to explore further...)