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HCG to Feel Well During Holiday?


I’m going to start a 6 weeks test prop cycle at 75mg ED with 40mg anavar per day.

At the end of the cycle I will be in holiday 2 weeks.

I want to avoid be on PCT while on vacation so I’m thinking to take 500ius of HCG EOD during the holiday (plus 20mg per day of tamoxifen).

Is the dosage correct?

Thanks for any input

Hcg =/= testosterone

Yes, I know that HCG raises testosterone.

My question is

Are 500ius eod enough as a dose to keep feeling great during holiday or should I use 1000iud eod?


Neither of those doses will keep you feeling good. You will be feeling bad because you have almost no testosterone. If you’re going to be taking the Nolva anyway why not just take enough to start your pct rather than doing this Frankenstein version? It doesn’t make any sense from a scientific perspective.

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Thanks for replying.

After my last cycle I had the following PCT prescribed by a doctor:

First 20 days:
1000 ius Of HCG EOD
50 mg Clomid ED
20mg Tamoxifen ED

Following 10 days:
50mg Clomid ED
20mg Tamoxifen ED

Last 10 days:
Tamoxifen 20mg ED

I was feeling great during PCT, especially the first 20 days with HCG.

Should I just do the same?

Do you recon dosage is correct?