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Hcg to Burn Belly Fat


Quick question, ive been using AAS for around 8 years now. Plenty of knowledge in most areas of it. Been a member of a few boards and just decided to join this one because ive heard good things. Recently ive been having trouble burning stubborn belly fat. I was thinking of using hcg to try and help get rid of the little bit of stubborn fat. My Physical therapist recommended it to me and said it worked wonders for him. Problem is i dont see him anymore and dont remember how he told me to run it. So i was curious, does anybody know the protocol for running hcg to help burn fat? How many mcgs? How often? etc. Thanks in advance


Here in the UK it is seen on the likes of Youtube etc that HCG is used for fat loss in the states?

I run HCG on all my cycles and beleive it does help with belly fat loss (without knowing the science)

2 Things:

  • You should be running HCG on your cycles anyway.

  • I would think HGH is much more effective for fat loss - so why not add GH in? Then you would be running HCG and HGH on cycle?

I will do a quick google search as I to am intetested in the science behind HCG and fat loss!


hCG diet is the biggest load of shit ever, and no, it doesn’t burn fat.

Don’t waste your time, especially not with those stupid hCG drops you can buy.


well said. jones is an idiot


No i wouldnt even think about wasting money on hcg drops. Those will never work. hcg can not be taken orally everyone should know that. i was talking a very low dose per injection. I believe my physical therpist who gave me the advice awhile back said it was only something like 1iu a day. seems very low thats why i was just seeing if anyone has tried it and knows of a good dose.


FWIW I’ve been taking a hefty dose of hCG (2000iu/wk) for the last six weeks or so as part of my TRT protocol, and I haven’t lost a pound. I also haven’t noticed any of the appetite suppression that the YouTubes say it causes either. And I’m injecting prescription hCG from a compounding pharmacy.


It. Doesn’t. Work.

Like really, it doesn’t.


So I just put a post up on this about what my weight loss has consisted of, but being as it is the topic here I felt compelled to comment. HCG DROPS are JUNK. They dont work and are a waste of money. However, HCG Inject mixed with test 250 e3d worked wonders for me as I lost over 47 lbs in 60 days and am now contemplating what to cycle next. My diet was 500 Kcal/day with .2 ml HCG daily in the stomach fat. I had amazing results, and if you are as overweight as I was (around 60 lbs) it makes sense. Bring on the haters lol. Any questions let me know.


I dont think it was the drugs, I think you were starving yourself on 500cals a day lol!


so you used steroids and ate at a ludicrous deficit and lost weight?

OMG! How unexpected. Do you have an ebook I could buy? Tell me your instragram so I can follow you and learn all about your revolutionary approach to dieting.


You are WRONG! HCG drops work. I lost 50lbs on a 200 kcal/day diet WITHOUT ROIDS.

Bring it on, haterz!


Very nice to see your hypocritical nature on these boards. You post a comment saying it does not work, and then in reply to my comment you state that it always works when doing what I did. There is no Ebook nor Instagram just answering a question that was asked.


He’s a prophet and a pusher, partly truth, partly fiction. A walking contradiction.


He’s suggested that the testosterone and the 500 calorie diet were the only factors in your massive weight loss. The HCG was irrelevant. I agree with that.

I don’t know why nobody has said this yet, but why are you considering HCG over clen? Clen DEFINITELY works.

Or diet better. You can get shredded on diet alone. How much bodyfat are we talking about btw? Is it already pretty low and you’re trying to get down near contest levels, or is it more substantial than that?


exactamundo. Anyone with any knowledge of what hCG is would come to the same conclusion.


Fat loss:

Critical factors are your E2 [estradiol] levels and thyroid function.

Do labs and get near E2=22pg/ml - 80 pmol/L

You can eval overall thyroid function by checking oral body temperatures. You would want to be near 97.7-97.8F when you wake up and also be hitting 98.6/37C mid-afternoon

Thyroid function can easily be low from a lack of iodine intake.

Starvation diets can create serious permanent metabolic changes, as can over-training.

High dose hCG can cause high T–>E2 inside the testes that anastrozole cannot control and serum E2 can be very high. Ditto from high SERM dosing that causes high LH levels.

See this link found here: About the T Replacement Category
thyroid basics explained - if body temperatures are low.
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