HCG to Boost Test?

Ok, so I’ve posted here before. 27, 5’9", 230lbs, about 15-16% bf, lifting or working out for about 12 years or so. Had my test checked and found a doc who is cool with TRT. But because of my age, he wanted me to try and get my levels up without going on TRT at 27. I’m on HCG eod 500iu. In two and a half months we are going to test to see if my test levels are up after being off HCG for a couple weeks. Any one heard of this? Sounded like a good plan to me, but I’m not confident that it will work. If I start to feel better though after a couple weeks, maybe it will be an idea for other young guys who don’t want to start a life long treatment in their 20’s. Even if it turns out to be a waste of time, it is worth a shot. I’m definitely not worried about having to be on TRT, just afraid I’ll get burned out on injecting twice a week for the next 60 or so years.

By the way, last test done my TT was 226 and my E2 was <3. Haven’t got the results from last weeks test yet.

E2<3 was from Labcorp? We have seen a number of failed tests from there.

Did you notice changes to your testes with hCG?
Any other changes?
Mood changes?

Yes it was Labcorp. Haven’t noticed much changes yet, just had third injection today. My libido is up but not dramatically, maybe placebo, just guessing. Last week was pretty stressful, and I was a bit agitated toward the end of the week and over the weekend but feel tons better today. I had another test done Thursday but haven’t heard results yet. What kind of time frame should I start to notice more obvious changes?

There are some fast actions that affect mood and libido and other changes that involve physical changes at the cellular and tissue levels, and changes in the brain and brain patterns. These can take time. There will be initial strong transient responses that settle down. And E can interfere in many cases. It will come. Have a positive mental attitude to help shape your new brain patterns.

Some guys get big effects in a few days, others two or three weeks.

Did you ever do a cycle wit no pct?

Never done any AAS, as far as the mental attitude, I will keep my head up so to speak. Thanks for the replies.

Wanted to give an update for everyone on this. I took 500iu eod for 20 injections. After about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks my libido jumped pretty dramatically. At the 5th week my energy levels started to up a bit but nothing too dramatic, I did feel much better though. About the same time I started to get some acne. Acne got worse after the last injection, almost back to my high school days.

It has started to clear up now, after bout 3 weeks. I was supposed to have my TT and E levels checked this week but have to reschedule for next week. I had a little weight gain but started doing cardio again about a month ago and lost a lot of fat so I am about 3 pounds lighter than I was to begin with. I know someone will ask about strength gains but there isn’t any thing to tell on that. I am pretty consistent with my gains and there was nothing unusual.

Any questions just let me know. Hope it was helpful for any of the younger guys. And as a side note, my general day to day well being is a little better than before. I think a lot of the low T sides I was having are less severe than before and some have subsided almost back to normal.