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HCG Tips When Traveling?

For those that travel, how long is HCG useable when traveling? I’m hoping to preload 2 syringes if it will keep for 3-5 days.

Once reconstituted, it must be refrigerated. So, it’s perfectly usable when traveling, if kept cool.

I should have been more specific…how long will it last at room temperature?

Ah, sorry. Six hours.

I believe there are small, battery powered, coolers for this purpose.

Much appreciated. I didn’t realize it went bad that quickly. I was hoping it was more like 48-72 hours so I could preload and simply pack in my luggage at room temp. My doc sells the ones you put under your tongue and dissolve. Anyone have thoughts on those?

Think you can freeze it and put it in one of those insulin travel cases which come with freezer packs. That will work (;