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HCG Tips on Testosterone Patches

Hey there,

Been on TRT for 4 years due to Primary Hypogonadism…
Was on 125mg a week of T cyp
HCG 250iu x 3
Arimidex .125mg biweekly (im sensitive)

Last bloods at this protocol 1.5days after HCG and 7 days after T shot. 1pm in the day
(note measurement type)
E2: 123 pmol
Testo: 25.6 nmol
SHBG: 34 nmol
FreeT: 567 pmol

Was no fatigue, good muscle, no excess fluid, fluctuating sex drive, no morning wood… bearable.
(I have Peyronies disease, so bad blood flow n no MW is deadly for my penile health)

Then well the F*ing Primoteston Injection shortages has just wrecked my protocol as now until April (Coz im in backwards Australia) I have to be on 5mg patches again like years ago when was tryna dial in.

Last bloods while on patches:
1.5days after HCG and 15hrs since 5mg patch put on. 1pm in the day
I know FSH n LH are missing from my first bloods, but they were ZERO and im going off Teste size, (which was bigger) not stimulation - as stimulation hasnt led to higher relevant bloods anyway.
LH .3 IU/L
E2 110 pmnol
Testo 26.3 nmol
SHBG 43 nmol
FreeT 500 pmol

The issue Im having now is, well patches suck, not just coz they come off when you sweat etc but coz osmosis is a horribly fluctuating 'science.'
So where as before my HCG protocol was making testicle size regain as IM injections slowly released the T, now the T floods my system n causes my testes to shrink worse than before!

Yet to see anyone talk re balancing teste size n HCG benefits while on daily patches coz you cant time your HCG shots around any injection day like Virgel suggests.

Im very surprised I cant find a similar qu since this Primo shortage has been from August n surely others are back on the patches too?!

Anyone had luck with testicular maintenance on patches at all?
Did you shoot HCG daily in 125iu dosages, or shoot a whole monotherapy dose all at once?
How was your experience with aromatisation and E2 levels and subsequent success with your AI?

I figured every 2nd day 250iu would have worked due to the HCG half life but it definately cant keep up with how much T those damn patches flood into you.
I dont care what the numbers say to this, my testes have shrunk again to tiny since the patches and 250iu x3 hcg protocol.

Thanks for any advice or anaedoctal evidence!

I do not believe in the numbers game as a strict help at all, so please dont ask for further detailed numbers… my endocrinologist cannot find patterns after 4 years, nor can I… Ive had every kinda dif ratio over the years n every other test on cortisol et al possible.
(Im saying this because over the years, someone here has had a problem, shown their numbers, got advice, acted on it n had success… but having the same numbers, following the same advice, ive gotten worse… so its very arbitrary.)

So the direct correlating suggestion 'your ## is too high, your ## is too low' is welcome and may give me some insight, but so subjective that its not the biggest help compared to anecdotal trial n result. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for reading, this community is great!

Damn, disappointing no response

You won’t find anyone on T patches so your responses will be zero, T-Gels and patches are garbage in a world where injections are the prefered method of raising testosterone.

Endocrinologist and TRT don’t mix well, much like oil in water. You have a thyroid disorder or diabetes, go see an Endocrinologist.

It seems like the patches vs injections has decreased your Free T and increase SHBG, you’re going in the wrong direction.

Im going to be kind here and not get angry.

Did you read my post. There is a manufacturers halt on Primoteston and hence there is zero injections I can get in Australia from Sept to April… hence the patches

And what the hell can you even use to justify neglecting working with an endocrinologist… how arrogant can you be?
Sure they dont have all the answers, but id wager my left nut that my Endo knows way more than you do.

Ive seen some of your other responses and you rarely do anything but give your opinion… people are asking often for personal experience charted out to give reference for their process, not your ‘do this, dont do this’ crap.

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Alright so HCG isn’t going to do anything for fertility with primary hypogonadism. Given you said LH and FSH were 0 I’d gander you have secondary hypogonadism, as on TRT many with primary hypo tend to keep LH and FSH in range or even elevated (testis don’t work, pituitary just released a TON of LH and FSH… Which does nothing because the testis don’t work lol). May I ask how you’re on test cyp in Aus if primoteston was test E? Certain compounding pharmacies manufacture 3Ml syringes of test Cyp here tho, they’ll trade in ur primoteston script for test Cyp. That or you can switch to sustanon in the time being.

Also you don’t HAVE to work with an endocrinologist, they just have a higher chance of being better with knowing hormones than say … a GP because they’re trained in the field of hormones. However there’s always exceptions, urologists can also be good, as can anti aging docs.

Also you said you were going to be kind and not get angry, then you got angry lol. Not judging just saying

I still get primoteston from my pharmacy despite the shortage, although i’m a little bit suspicious because it seems to be the only pharmacy that has it… How is that possible?

I notice you were disappointed at no responses to your thread and thought I would post to revive your thread and the only thing I got were insults and berated.

As far as not wanting to work with an endocrinologists, I have had all bad experiences and so to have a lot of other members across multiple forums who come here looking for help. I have shared my experiences multiple times over.

After all those bad experiences and the decision to steer clear of endocrinologists who were of no help, now I’m arrogant? Respectfully I’m not the one who is being arrogant by saying I’m going to be kind and not get angry, then turn around and get angry at someone is trying to help.