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HCG Throughout or at the End of a Cycle?

Planning out my next cycle and doing done research on HCG. What is the better way to incorporate Hcg into my cycle. Throughout the whole cycle at 250iu 2x/week or 500iu/day for 10 days at the end?

The cycle is going to be:
Wk 1-20 test E 300mg
Wk 1-20 EQ 700mg
Wk 1-5 Tbol
Wk 1-20 Aromasin 12.5 mg eod

Most common practice is to dose HCG 500-1000iu 2-3x a week 6-8 weeks before the beginning of your PcT.

what about the guys who blast and cruise and don’t have pct planned in?

Some people don’t handle HCG that well and prefer to run it towards the end of the cycle, stopping before PCT, others run it from the start for fertility reasons.

I’m one of them people that gets the sides and prefer to run it 3 weeks at 500iu twice weekly at the end of my blast before dropping down to my TRT cruise dose, no PCT.

If you are worried about fertility run it throughout at 250iu twice weekly stopping before PCT.

what kind of sides do you personally get Rizla? also when you say drop you drop down to cruise dose, I’m assuming that is just Test no HCG?

Makes me emotional and irritated like a big bitch lol. That’s likely from the E2 it creates.

Yeah I don’t run it throughout anymore, used to run it year round with my TRT but its an up and down experience I didn’t like, so now I do a mini blast towards the end of my cycle then quit entering TRT. I find personally my boys stay nice and plump during low doses, its only when I ramp up the dose I find the need to use it.

How many days after last dose of HCG can you start PCT?