HCG Temp During Shipping


I have changed my EOD test injections to ED. It’s so easy with the smaller doses and going from IM to Sub Q with insulin syringes. Love it. Looking forward to my next labs to see how it has effected my levels.

Anyway, my question today is about my HCG. The compounding pharmacy I use ships my HCG overnight. My concern is that the shipping takes 24 hours to get to me. Which means the HCG is not in a fridge for 24 hours. That being said, there is always an ice-pack and it is very tightly sealed in a couple layers of packaging. Should I be worried about the loss of potency during that 24 shipping period, even though it is packed with a plastic ice block? It doesn’t feel warm when it gets to me but it doesn’t feel like fridge temperature either. Thanks!