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HCG + T Dose Timing


Quick recap. 120mg/wk test cyp was too much both in how in felt and where I wanted labs. Went to 70mg/wk and added hcg 500x2 thinking i could drop test to zero. Big No on that as most people thought. I got to 55mg and started feeling lethargic, no morning bones, worse mood, everything you’d expect. I’ve had a couple of weeks going back to 80mg in one shot per week and felt better immediately and morning wood back.

So I was thinking of going back to every 4 day shots of hcg and test because I like the insulin needles in the shoulder but 80 seems a bit much for it.

Would an 8 day rotation, does Day 1, 5 of hcg and 3, 7 of test cyp seem ok? Or would i want the hcg a day before or after test?

I took it a day before my test shot, since it had a quicker effect and I wanted that boost when my TT was lowest

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I’ll do that.

Is there anyone else that uses the insulin needles that doesn’t inject in their shoulders? Is there another good spot for those needles that can still hit IM?