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HCG Syringe Size and Injection Site


What size syringe do most of you guys use to inject HCG with, and where do you inject? I’ve been injecting in the belly fat with a 30G 0.5".


HCG … I like a 3/8ths 31G insulin syringe. I inject that pretty much anywhere and have no problems anywhere. Upper Thighs belly. The Delts while not not hitting fat work great. No pain no problems at all. HCG is just easy


seems you are doing it right. I have a question for people here.

I pinch my skin on my belly and pull it away from my body. When I poke myself, do I let go or do I keep pinching? In a way, trying to inject into open space by pulling skin away from body?


I just dart it into my belly within 6" or so of navel just so needle is in, no pinching. Use 30g, 5/16" .5ml pin.


Are you hefty (belly fat exceeding your waist lie) or just “fluffy”? haha I’m very hefty around my waist and with only one-arm, I don’t have too much of an option to pinch (I can get a clamp of some sort). So just poke and inject?


5’10 and 165 so no not fluffy. Thats just how I do it. I just think with the short needle there really is no need for all the pinching. Unless you are very lean maybe.


Awesome, thank you.