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HCG Sublingual Drops


Does anyone here happen to know anything about HCG sublingual drops? Are they any better or worse than injections?

Of course drops would be more convenient than injections especially when travelling. But I suppose that injections would be more effective because every uL would be used whereas a certain amount of the drops would not enter the system (they would be digested).

Also, what about storage. Do both forms have to remain chilled at all times?




hcg drops are usually homeopathic concoctions and too diluted to do anything except waste your money. do a google search for hcg drops don't work or the like.


Yes - thanks PureChance. That is also what I am seeing online. They seem to be used for dieting (in women?).

I don't know if the drops I would be getting by prescription from the pharmacy would be the homeopathic concoction variety or if it would be a legitimate liquid form of HCG. I think it is legitimate because they are talking about dosages in international units.

In any case I am really leaning towards injections especially since I have absolutely NO problem injecting.


Oral hCG is just another digested protein, broken down onto amino acids. It is a complete fraud.