HCG Storage Temperature?

So my buddy got my HCG in, I assumed it would not be reconstituted. It came from a legit pharmaceutical company already reconstituted in a tiny little blue top sealed vial. It says store from 2C-8C Degrees Celsius on the box. Also says DO NOT FREEZE on the box… Is this right should I not freeze it?

You refrigerate it once opened to maintain sterility. Do not freeze, just refrigerate.


So how long can I store it at room temp. I just threw it in the fridge before I left. I’ll remove it once I’m home

Not long. Maybe half a day. Keep it refrigerated. Pretend it’s milk and act accordingly.

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Dang dude so it’s probably no good? Spent at least a week in transit just to get it

OR treat it like milk once it’s opened? It’s a sealed vial

I have heard if it comes as a liquid in one vial (you don’t have to mix it), it is probably fake. Could be real, but it is probably lost almost all of its potency in transportation (unless shipped cold).

Nelson Virgil (I think, could have been John Cristler) had a video about testing HCG potency after freezing. He seemed to think it made it last significantly longer.

Looks pretty legit to me but I’m not expert. I’d name the source but we can’t do that here. Says not to be sold without perscription. Came from a pharmacy based in India. I could pin some and then take a pregnancy test?

Was not shipped cold. It looked like the kind that needs reconstituted by the pictures. It’s not the only brand I can get either I can get a list of others.

You can just put the HCG directly on the pregnancy test. HCG is what the test is looking for. Before they could synthesize HCG, they got it by extracting it from pregnant women’s pee.

I am interested if your HCG is legit. I have only heard anecdotally that it is fake if it comes in a single bottle.

I would love to test it for you but I don’t plan to use it this cycle. By the time I get to it, it may be no good if it already isn’t so we may never know. But before I pin it I will drop some on a pregnancy test first and come back to this thread.

I’m sure it was good 2 go when it was made but after sitting in transit probably not

It came in a sealed glass vial inside of a sealed plastic package inside a little box it looks pretty legit. If someone went through all that trouble to fake some HCG I give them props

Just a heads up for the future. Some of the most legit looking shit is fake. That’s the whole point

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Yeah true. So you guys think I got ripped off

I also got brand name rolax. Wasn’t shipped from the same place though completely different

No idea I wasn’t neccarily suggesting you got ripped off.

But generally fake stuff is named brand stuff like pfizer etc. They make a point of making it as identical as possible to the real deal

Completely understandable I’m sure there’s good profits made just from scamming people

Absolutely at the end of the day printing a legit looking box and label and even throwing in a pharmacy info insert is still more profitable then selling the real deal

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So I did more research on the legitimacy of my hcg. Hcg can be made molecularly stable for long periods when sucrose and methionine are added to the aqueous solution. In a study they were able to save 69.8% of the HCG activity after storing it at 40 degrees Celsius for 2 weeks in the aqueous solution or 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Both of which is what ingredients are contained in my solution. I truthfully believe this shit is legitimate

Now my real issue is I have 5,000iu in just 1ml. So 0.1ml is 500iu…

How in the world am I supposed to use this little tiny bit unless I waste a tad in each of the syringe? I’d probably need to get BAC water and a sterile vial and add like 9ml of BAC water so I don’t waste a bunch of it?

I can post the name of the pharmacy if anyone cares to know? Not sure if that’d be considered posting sources but since you probably can’t purchase it from them directly I don’t know if you’d consider that a “source”