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HCG Storage Inquiry

hey guys so planning on starting my first cycle soon with test e hcg arimidix i got everything i need and pretty muchsorted and know what to do just need a hang on hcg

so i have a 1ml ampule of hcg with the powder 5000ius and a 1 ml amp

the pack says to mix 1ml with the amp

now thats for medical purposes obviuosly im planning on shooting 250-500 ius a week so was wandering could i mix it with a larger volume of fluid drop it up into a syring leave the syringe in the fridge and change the needle tips to likae a 29 gauge and just keep swaaping the pin head and jab it up thanks

You increase your risk of infection. HCG usually comes with a powder in a vial. You inject the bacteriostatic water into the vial with the powder. Swirl it, don’t shake it. Refrigerate the vial afterword and draw from it as needed.

I mix my hcg as suggested above then I fill 10 weeks worth of syringes and freeze them. Take one out of the freezer about 30 minutes before you inject and your good to go.

hmm i see what you guys mean firstly?
why increased chance of infection if im swapping needle heads and refrigerating syringe?
secondly, it is in powder form and i do plan to mix it however its in a 1ml ampule so will it work if i mix it with more water bacteriostatic or sodium cholride for injection as i have asked above??

If it is going to be stable and not growing bacteria, you must use BA water, 0.9% benzyl alcohol. Use insulin syringes, #29 0.5ml 1/2" or #31, 0.3-0.5ml, 5/16".

Mix to 1000iu per ml and inject 0.25ml

Some hCG is formated for IVF egg harvesting work and intended for injecting 5000iu all at once. In that case where storage stability is not a concern, the ‘kit’ may contain 1ml of sterile water.

Freeze/thaw stability of hCG is high, as is stability in the fridge. I don’t know the data off-hand for water, but available data in serum, whole blood, and urine indicates freeze/thaw stability of a minimum of 10 cycles and stability in refrigerated storage at 4 degrees C of 4 weeks for urine specifically.

From this data it can be extrapolated that stability in water when frozen or in the fridge is quite high. I can’t speak for the light sensitivity to degradation though.

Bacteria growth when frozen will be minimal, but still potentially possible. When refrigerated the potential warrants concern.

ok thanks guy i get wha your al saying but no one has answered my question directly lool.
going of that, im thinking about mixing the poweder with 1 ml because the ampule is 1 ml then removing that 1 ml and transfer it to a vial and add 4 mls to make a total of 5 ml thus dilute it down??that way i can get flexble dosing. this seems to be the proper thing to do??

Sure, that should work as long as the water you’re adding is sterile water for injection or bacteriostatic and the vial itself is sterile.

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awesme perfect thanks guys

BA water would not really care about that. After a period of time, any bacteria are killed.

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That’s true. there are limits to what it can do as well.