HCG Storage and Expiry Period

Guys, how do you store HCG and for how many days once dissolved it is potent?

Some say 20 days, others say 28. Also some say to store it in fridge, but the dealer tells me to put it in the freezer.

My protocol to add HCG to testosterone will be 250 UI 2 times per week, but this will happen maybe 3-4 weeks after I start TRT and start to feel better. And I do not know in USA but here we have only 5000 UI packages

I get mine in 12,000IU bottles which last me 3 months once mixed. I don’t feel any difference at the end of the 3 months compared to a fresh bottle. But I am sure never to handle it roughly and keep it refrigerated. I keep the unmixed bottles in the freezer.

For the record I do 250IU every other day.

So you do not keep it frozen but only refrigerated and it lasts for 3 months? Everywhere is stated for 3 months this should be totally kaput :slight_smile:

Are you sure it still acts after the first 20-30 days?

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Is the HCG you are getting Pregnyl? From what I’ve read it doesn’t come premixed, however you would have to mix the whole 5000iu with the solvent which at 500iu it would take you 10 weeks to finish. I think it’s best to preload them carefully into syringes or sterile vials and freeze them as I wouldn’t risk keeping them in the refrigerator more than 30 days.

This is just an opinion as I haven’t started TRT yet so this is based on reading and not from my personal experience. My Pregnyl isn’t even here yet lol.

Yes it is pregnyl exactly this is all we have here

I’ve read many contradictory articles about length of storage. And I’ve also read about the formula drug companies use come up with their expiration dates. Let’s just say it’s extremely conservative. 90 days is not a problem.

When I use the last dose out of an old bottle and then start a brand new bottle, the two doses work just the same.

And yes, reconstituted I keep refrigerated. Unmixed freeze-dried bottles I keep in the freezer indefinitely.

I’m pretty sure once you reconstitute it, you don’t want to freeze it. That would destroy the molecules, but maybe someone can chime in on that.


I live in Albania and I see you live in Bulgaria that is why we have the same pharmaceutical products. As far as testosterone I can only source enanthate by Norma in 250mg/1 ml ampules.

However there seems to be an outage on Pregnyl and that is keeping me from starting TRT. And that as well worries me if later on in the future we get outages on HCG or test and I am stuck without either for a period of a couple of weeks.


I asked my TRT provider about how long it lasts, because I wanted to save money by buying 11,000 IU kits vs the 5000 IU kits. They said that if refrigerated they drop about 2-3% in potency per month.

I set my refrigerator to the coldest setting partially for this, but also my food seems to last a bit longer too. I hate wasting anything.

By the way the Pregnyl Im getting is from Greece. You don’t have from Greece over there?

I tried getting it from Greece through my pharmacy but they were told that it is reserved specifically for hospitals and fertility clinics and they are not sold through the pharmacies anymore. So I am trying to source it from Italy now. Hopefully it comes through as it is holding me back from starting.

If I can’t figure things out in Albania I will take you up on that offer :slight_smile:. By the way do you have TRT doctors in Bulgaria?

This will likely not do anything for fertility.

Why wait?

I store mine a refrigerator once mixed, as it should be.

Are you talking about storage after mixed or as dry? As dry, it simply needs to be at room temperature or cooler.


How much would you suggest? Do you think 3x250iu a week is enough?

Here you go.


125 iu EOD results in 25% drop in ITT (intra testicular testosterone, which is “linked” to fertility)

250 iu EOD results in 7% drop

500 iu EOD results in 26% increase in ITT

O HCG with exogenous testosterone results in a 94% drop.

It has been a while since I have read this, but I believe that these numbers are correct (please read to ensure correctness).

You are suggesting 250 iu 3X a week. I would put that in the category of most likely working to maintain fertility, and minimizing sides from HCG.

FWIW, I take 150 iu 3X a week because I want less complexity in TRT, and it is shown to keep ITT much higher than 0 HCG.

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I needed 1000 IU thrice per week to have my kids. I don’t make recommendations though. One should go to a competent doctor for that.

The doctor said should be enough for maintenance purposes. And this doctor is one of the best specialists in TRT worldwide, not some quack endo from sick care. Also I will wait because you should start testosterone in isolation to dial yourself in.
At the end Im starting TRT to stop feeling like crap

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No in Bulgaria doctors are crap in this.
I consulted online some of the best USA doctors in TRT but they are quite expensive

Can you recommend this doctor to me? I would like to do a consultation with him and I’ll happily pay his price as I probably would need to go to like 15 doctors over here in Albania and still wouldn’t get a clear answer.