HCG Start - Looking for input from those who started HCG

It’s been years since I’ve added HCG 500 iu every 3 days to my 50 X 2 weekly T.

Can those of you that have used HCG remember how long it took to feel anything from the start, And, what it is you felt exactly?

Wonding if I have a bad vial from India.

Thanks much.

I use indian too. could be underdosed. I use zyhcg. ordered some sanofi now. 500 is very low. i ran some tests, injected 1500 3x week. balls definitely got bigger. could be a dosing and /or underdosing. try upping and see if you feel anything. for me libido ramps up high. overall feeling of wellbeing. orgasms are a different level. balls are bigger. you can feel that shit. can’t imagine TRT without HCG

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Do you recall how long from the time you started it took to feel anything at all?

pretty quick. within 1-3 days once your dose is high enough. I’d even say by the evening when injected AM. try something like 2000-3000IU to kick it off

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