HCG Sperm Count

Okay so this is just a question to see if anyone has any idea on this

So if you were a FERTILE male, with perfect hormones not on TRT and you were to take HCG 250iu EOD would you create more sperm as a healthy male?

Applying this, I was and hopefully still am a fertile male, I was fertile previously from trt, and started HCG about two weeks after I started yet and have been on trt for 6 months 250iu EOD, balls are hard but not the same size and my sperm seems to be watery with some thick gel like substance. But I just wanted to see if anyone knew what would happen if a healthy male that was fertile took hcg with no trt just hcg.


You cannot see sperm, your semen has changed. The lumpy consistency can be from infrequent ejaculations.

A normal guy taking hCG will lower LH/FSH or -->zero depending on dose.

Many on T+hCG have made babies and some were planning to switch to T+SERM or just SERM and got pregnant right away, assumed to be when wife stopped BC.