HCG shots

hey bro’s. just wanted to take a survey. where do you guys like taking your HCG? i have been injecting in the area just below the belly button.

I do it in the same general area as well - either below, above or to the side of the umbilicus.

Actually, since I do the Swale 250iu on the weekend deal, I like to make sure it goes intramuscular. Now, all I have is .5 inch insulin pins and sub Q injects friggin hurt. I actually flex my tricept and put it right in the side head where I know that even .5inches is making intramuscular. Seems to work well for me and no pain whatsoever. I have never been shown the proper way to inject sub Q so I just don’t like to fuck with it.

Really? some people say they like to take it intramuscularly like regular gear. Interesting… i’ve never done a subcutaneous injection before. Are they hard?

I either do them in the shoulder or quad. Depends if I am doing other shots that day. For example, on sat I did a shot of cyp, so I mixed the cyp and hcg and hit my quad. Yesterday I did have to do any shots, so I just hit my shoulder.

Im glad this was brought up, i’ve been wondering what sites guys have been using, or the techniques that are used.

Have you been doing the 250iu protocol just on the weekends? The last info SWALE gave me was to do it every third day throughout the cycle. Has anyone tired this or seen a different effect.

once again here is the how to do a subcutaneous injection: pick your spot, swab with alchohol, make sure you can pinch up some skin - pinch up the skin in between your thumb and forfinger of your non-dominant hand. Use the insulin needle at a 30 degree angle with the bevel down. Insert the needle, release the skin fold and push the needle all the way in - the 30 degree angle is to insure the needle stay s subcu. No aspirating is needed, just inject the med, pull out and your done.

Yeah! It’s easier than IM injections.
I do it reguarly with vitamin B12 injection… Painless, and faster than IM.

Wow, I’ve always done my shots intramuscularly. I’m with JT on this one, I usually hit my shoulders too.

Drago and P-22, is there any advantage in hitting the umbillicus area? Or is this just an easy target for sub-q shots?

its the area i was taught. plus its far away from the rest of the sites that i hit ED. the less i put in my delts,bi’s,tri’s,glutes, and quads, the better.

most subcu shots are done in the abdomen area because there is always skin that can be pinched - where as on the back of your arms this could be a problem. As a nurse this is where we give all sub cues in the hospital, and most diabetics do insulin shots in their abdominal area as well. HCG can be given either IM or Subcue - because subcue does not risk any tissue/ muscle trama I would recomend the subcue method unless you have mixed the hcg with some other gear that must be given IM.

Archaic: to the best of my knowledge B12 is supposed to be taked IM

Subcue are nearly painless in the abdomen. I do mine in the skin over my obliques with a .5" 29 ga. insulin rig. Just tent the skin up and push the needle in parallel to underlying tissue at the base of the tent. No pain at all.