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hCG Shipping Issues?

Got some hCG. Says inbound to customs for the past few days on tracking. Should I be concerned? Anyone experience this? All I can do wait I’m guessing…

Call customs and tell them to let your shit thru. Ask to speak to lieutenant Dan he will get you taken care of.


Every time I call Lieutenant Dan is a dick to me though

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Sounds like him!

To answer the question tho it can be days or weeks before customs clears something. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything obviously the longer it takes the more likely something is going on. Regardless even if they find it no one is gonna come arrest you for ordering hcg.

But this is one of a few reasons I order domestic.

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I guess I’ll have to wait it out and yeah I’m not very worried about it, I assume a bunch of older ladies are buying hCG for their hCG diets all the time haha. It just screws up my time because that’s the last piece I’m waiting for and it’s just a pain in the arse to wait for a reship.

Hcg is 100% unnecessary for a cycle especially a first time cycle. You could have have saved yourself $50 and customs headaches and potentially cycle issues related to estrogen.

Unfortunately my 23g pack of pins are in with it. I was told the pins from tractor supply are more discomfort so that’s why I got this. And your probability right I don’t need hCG it just freaks me out out the balls shrinking I’m afraid they’re gonna turn into peas. I intended to only take a small dose till my last four weeks of cycle bump it up a little so. All in all I need to see how it makes me feel or if I get serious testicle shrinkage

I was only gonna do the hCG sub q with a slin pin. That’s why I really need the pins for the T

You can go to cvs and get a 10 pack of whatever size insulin syringes for a couple bucks. Any syringe for that matter. 24/7 baby

Cvs won’t sell them to me I tried and they’re legal in my state

I go to walgreens and buy 20 25g and 20 18g needles for like 10$. They dont really ask questions and if they do, I cut jokes or just tell them its for my TrT.

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They asked me what it was for I told them my Grandpa from North Carolina needs them for his TRT and he left his syringes. I’m in PA

Tell them to get fucked and bag them up or you will call Corperate. Unless you have a history of buying syringes then shooting dope in their bathroom and force them to narcan you I can’t see them refusing to sell to you.

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What if it was a long time ago?

Well then they deffinitly should give him another chance if he hasnt died in their bathroom or parking lot in the past few months

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Lol yeah they told me I could get slin pins but not that :rofl:

But not what? Insulin needles are what you want.

Lol for what, the test Enanthate? Lol fuck the HCG I want to pin t and slin needles aren’t gonna do

I need the pins for test

What do you mean slins arnt going to pin test? I use 30g for everything. I use fixed 30g slins and draw and inject with the same one everyday takes like less than 20 seconds to fill 12 units. I use to. Fill 50 units and it would take a minute at most. Do you not have 1 spare minute to fill a syringe? Would you rather be stabbing yourself with an ice pick to save a few seconds? Doesnt make sense to me. substantially Less pain, less money, less wasted t, and less of a headache than acquiring the icepicks that usually require a rx.