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HCG Shelf Life?

Can anyone tell me how long HCG before mixing and after mixing and refrigerated is effective? Does it loose strength to a point of being no good at all?

It can last a long time in its dry form. It’s a delicate structure, so you don’t want to shake it. Once you reconstitute it, it fades quickly. I reconstitute mine then fill all the syringes and freeze them. They take 10 minutes to defrost. You can buy a pregnancy test and pee on it first thing in the morning. If it’s positive your hcg is good. If not, you’re injecting crap.

Thanks for the info I will buy a pregnancy test and check out my stock. I had a bottle mixed its been in the top of my frig just above freezing temp it’s been there 7 months. I have one unmixed it’s been stored in a cool dark draw I hope some of it is still good.
Again thanks,

I’d be surprised if the one in the fridge is still potent. The dry one is probably ok. Just fill the syringes and freeze them. Just handle the liquid stuff with kid gloves. Swirl but don’t shake.

Thanks, again I am going to test it just to hope it still got some good left but if not then I will mix the dry one and try it.

I was told thirty days refrigerated once mixed. Didn’t like it, so I quit and can’t really say for sure if thirty days was accurate.


The mixed bottle is toast. The unmixed MIGHT be good, but I wouldn’t put money on it. Why are you storing them outside the fridge? Powder vials should be stored in the fridge or freezer for long term storage. Freezer (-20 centigrade) is the standard. When reconstituted it depends on the concentration and solvent. Reconstituted only in water they lose activity. Reconstituted in sodium phosphate buffer with 0.9% benzyl alcohol they are fairly stable for short term. Dilute recons are not stable–do not freeze dilute recons. Larger concentrations above ~ 100 mcg/mL are relatively stable in water at refrigerated temperature for about 60 days.

Degradation in solvent is concentration dependent and solvent dependent. Obviously do not expose to light unless using them.