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HCG Shelf Life Question


I recently got 2 amps of 5000 iu HCG. I decided to reconstitute each amp with 5cc's of bac water, so 0.5cc's should equal 500 iu's. However, without doing all of the research I should have, I went ahead and reconstituted both and put them in a sterile 10ml vial and put directly in the fridge.

I was planning on using this throughout the duration of my cycle. I just read that once reconstituted, it should be used in 30 days. Though I've read elsewhere the shelf life is somewhat longer. Does anyone care to chime in on what I should do here? Perhaps increase the dose after 30 days if it isn't as effective? Thanks for any replies.


IME, 30-40 days reduces the potency considerably.

HOWEVER, experimentally, preloading pins and freezing them has worked with HCG, though potency decreases somewhat.

I have found no research, and only hearsay backing up this claim, but (having made a slightly different mistake with HCG at one point) tried it and found it to be better than the alternative.

If this is done, be aware to keep the pins in a sealed (preferably sterile) container, with the plunger pulled far back to allow the solution to expand upon freezing. Warm them in your hands before administration.

If others have tried this, no matter their findings, please chime in.


I doubt that freezing does anything adverse at all, and if even if it may, it clearly isn't much. Loss of potency if any by freezing is certainly less than what would be lost in weeks of time in the refrigerator.


I get 5000IU and mix it with Bac water, and do 250IU E3D, and I notice no nut shrinkage whatsoever over the 90 days I use it.


Thanks for the replies fellas...I think I will be preloading some slin pins tonight for the freezer. Good call bro.


Damn, I want your nuts Buddabro...wait...What the fuck?