HCG Schedule E3D vs EOD?

Any reason why 375iu e3d wouldnt be as effective as 250iu eod throughout a cycle? Trying to keep injection frequency to a minimum…

It doesn’t even hurt to inject HCG sub q why are you trying to keep injection frequency low? 500iu twice a week should be just enough to keep you going but I didn’t feel like that was enough I liked when I did 500iu 3x a week and EOD.

its still annoying lol especially if im pinning everything else e3d

Subq injections don’t really bother me. Intramuscular I could see why but even at that. I absolutely hate intravenous injections or when doctors draw blood. Sub q is the easiest of all IMO

I’ll do what I gotta do, still wondering though.

Wondering about what?

I personally don’t think you will notice a difference. When I was prescribed it through TRT it was 2x per week. I see a lot of users at 2x per week. I didn’t like the way it made me feel, not a fan of it either way.

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It gave me a big libido boost screen I started it at the last 6 weeks of my last cycle, but I was doing 1000iu 3x week at that point.

after the summer I’m going on my first cycle. at first I want to try a dosage of 150mg ew of test probably with hcg. can you explain why you don’t like it?

150mg will likely just replace your natural production but keep the levels the same. Not worth the shutdown risks. Unless you are talking about that as a cruise dose. HCG can make you feel like shit especially at TRT dosages of T.

but I don’t want to go as high as 500mg of test for my first cycle. so you think 150 mg is to low?
why hcg is a bad idea? and why it makes you feel bad?

I take 200mg/week every week for the last 2+ years. I work out everyday. Yes you will gain something but you will be extremely unhappy with the results and in 12 weeks you’ll post on this very thread saying “I understand what you were saying now that 150mg didn’t do shit”. The only difference between 200mg & 500mg for me is one makes you grow a lot faster. They both feel about the same with a few minor differences. I wouldn’t do less than 350mg/week minimum but even that I think is a waste of 12 weeks. You’re scared of it and wanting to start slow and work your way up but the problem is there really isn’t much difference except the results you get at the end. For me at least.

For a first cycle, 150mg is very reasonable. I transformed on 100mg per week my first time using Test. Cyp. Genetics play a huge role in the response from exogenous androgens. You have the advantage of fresh receptors, you’ll grow like a weed if your diet and training are on point.
I personally only do Test Prop. cycles at 20mg daily (140mg per week) and don’t really need more than that.

Let’s see them pics

I thought about going much longer than only 12 weeks, maybe even for “ever”, as trt, do you understand. and with time maybe I’ll throw some deca or anavar in…
but how I said before I have still a lot of time to think about. planning to start at September with around 8% body fat 90 kg on 184cm.
what’s about the hcg should I take it during the cycle even trt dosage to produce some endogenous test? some people say they fell better with some of their own test in the system?! dexter you said, no?!

There’s a lot of folks on TRT that have issues with HCG. Some don’t. Personally if you’re going the “for life” route I’d get your T dialed in before adding HCG since dialing in two variables makes it that much harder. 150mg for TRT is fine but 150mg for 12 weeks isn’t worth the risks or the shutdown. That’s why 500mg is what is usually recommended for a first cycle. Even that isn’t going to make you gigantic.

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ok thanks for the info. however I have still a lot time to think about it and plan it!
also thanks to you phoenix!