HCG Run Time and Questions

Not sure where the disconnect is but I recently heard you don’t run HCG more than 4-6 weeks during a cycle
This is the first time I am hearing this and I know people run HCG much longer than that if not year round. Why am I being told HCG abuse is real and people use HCG far longer than they should. Is this bunk science?

Some things about me
Currently on HRT
Adding in HCG and a little bit of AI

I’m being told to not run HCG more than 6 weeks at the most and take a break from it than hop on HCG again

You should not create multiple threads for your TRT discussions as your detail will get lost and you will not have a single place to review and discuss recommendations.

Please link to there from here.

You use 250iu hCG subq EOD forever.

That part is understood, however, the topic is regarding a different question on what I have talked about before. We can’t make new threads on multiple topics?

I don’t think that I can go a good or focused job without more context.

I did answer your question accurately.

hCG is used to preserve testes and fertility. Most guys testes will shrink on TRT without hCG and some of those also get a dull 24x7 ache. I could write paragraphs re other hCG related issues, but that is why there are the stickies.

I can’t easily see what other advice I have provided before and should I duplicate effort, go on an easter egg hunt to see, or not care?

I understand, I have actually been reading a bit about this and am looking to go a little further into it

But I do understand, with TRT your LH levels are shot and HCG stimulates natural LH function, looks like my question is answered though, HCG is for life just like TRT :slight_smile:

And some guys report that introduction of hCG can improve mood quite fast, suggesting LH receptors in the brain.