HCG Restoration Cycle?

I have a buddy at the gym has been on the test patch for a long time, and basically has no endogenous testosterone production. His Endo is your typical medical dinosaur, and sees exogenous test application as a viable lifelong solution “Just keep getting shots a patches!” My friend doesn’t like living like this, and wants to see if he can get his test back into production.

I am no whiz on the subject so I told him, I’d get some advice, but as far as I know, he’ll have to get hcg to fake the lh and cross his fingers that it restarts his internal production with no negative kickback. Although, it couldn’t really get any worse for him.

Does anyone have any information on cycles of hcG specifically for restoration of ‘normal’ testosterone production? Perhaps, a medical study on it.

Thanks, I really appreciate it.

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