HCG Restart

I’ve been lurking on the board for about a year and have recently been inspired to post after the recent posts from the Mass. guys.

As all of you, I have experienced the same issues when dealing with doctors and have just given up fighting with them and trying to find one that will help me. Im 34 and do not feel 100%. my greatest concern is the ability to have children, so, id like to stay away from being shut down from T.

Im at a point where im considered normal. My T levels have risen to about 425 and doctors wont treat me.

Like one of the other recent posters, I too am looking to treat myself. Id like to try an HCG restart. Im looking to try HCG first in hopes of being able to kick start my system and then come off. Im at a point where im willing to take certain things into my own hands. I just want to feel like myself again and my doctors tell me thats not possible and im fine.

My research would seem that HCG can be done pretty safely in terms of coming off and on without sides and messing up my system. My system wont get shut down with HCG the way it will with T.

Has anyone done an HCG restart?

I know that with the HCG i will have to run an AI. after the cyle, i intend on running clomid and nolvadex to rebalance my system.

My question revolve around dosages and length of time.

Im looking to start with the following
HCG 250 iu eod…what length of time should i run the HCG?

arimidex 1mg

should these be run like a normal pct?

Thoughts please

Test for total T, free T, LH, FSH, E2, DHEA-s.

I don’t think HCG is the best option to jump start natural production. You’ll likely go back to the same levels when discontinuing HCG.