Hcg: Refrigerate or Room Temp?

Ksman said something about hcg lasting 80 days. Do i really need to refrigerate hcg? im doing a 12 week sustanon + boldenone cycle. Do i really need to refrigerate it? or can i leave it at room temperature?

do i HAVE to use it, or is it optional?

Yes, it must be refrigerated, all reconstituted peptide hormones are fragile and will deteriorate. This was learned with insulin many years ago.

When refrigerated, a 10,000iu vial at 250iu EOD lasts 80 days. There does not seem to be a problem with that. Could the potency be down… yes, is that a significant problem …no.

There are a number of reasons to use hCG. If you are OK with the consequences of not using hCG, then it is optional.