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HCG Redundant For HRT Protocol?


Someone posted their HRT protocol here a few days ago as the following: 100mg test-e/wk, 250iu hcg eod, 25mg aromasin ED.

It's my understanding that the HCG is to prevent HPTA shutdown and keep all of the hormone pathways open, and it does so by acting like LH in the body.

I know that the rise in T-levels from letrozole and anastrozole is mediated through an increase in LH levels caused by those compounds, but I couldnt find any information about this for aromasin, which also significantly raises T levels.

Most HRT doses of an AI are way to small to induce the kind of LH increase necessary to prevent shutdown, but wouldn't a dose of 25mg day of aromasin be enough to prevent shutdown, making the use of hcg unnecessary?

Just testing my understanding of the subject... any ideas appreciated. Thanks!


Ya, that was me.

On HRT, HCG prevents/reverses testicular shrinkage, and increases adrenal function through the conversion of cholesterol to pregnenolone via the P450 SCC liver enzyme.

HCG increases endogenous testosterone production resulting in a larger overall total testosterone level.

HCG also increases well-being through a differant mechanism than increased testosterone. It may be from increased adrenal function, or it's LH agonist properties, or some other unknown function.

Aromasin works similarly to Arimidex and Letrozole, by decreasing estradiol levels which then increase LH.

When on TRT taking an AI or SERM will not prevent shutdown due to supraphysiological levels of T. If you go off TRT an AI or SERM will increase T due to T levels being low at this time.

Both testosterone and estrogen increase the feedback loop that lowers endogenous production of T.

The reason I chose Aromasin wasn't for any special reason. It seemed to have a more favourable side effect profile (lipids, cholesterol, libido), but it ended up not being strong enough, therefore I am going to switch to Arimidex to see if it will do a better job lowering my E2 levels.


HRT guys,
I just got the gift of all gifts; an Endo that believes in the use of ( read: prescribes) HCG for patients on HRT, Arimidex, and most of the other ancillary drugs we all wish we could get with a prescription. YEEEEEEE-HAH!

To dopamine man: My previous E2 levels got as high as 105, and life really sucked. After 14 days of moderate A-dex use I got down to 47, and am now on 2mg/week with my 200/mg week of HRT. I am waiting to see what will happen on my next blood test. I will post the before and afters...

EDIT: I asked my doc's office for an E2 test (after I was home first, duh!) and was told I didn't need it.
I just got my HCG script filled, and BTW, Sam's Club's HCG supplier has them on "emergency use only" for HCG supply. So I called COSTCO, and they have it for $44.00. This week I will convince the doc to authorize the b/w because I need to know where my E levels are.