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HCG Questions

Why must HCG be in 250iu doses EOD? Would 750 1x per week do the same for the testes? Or even just 500iu 2x per week

Also if your nuts still ache or shrink on HCG what is the fix?

Half life is approximately 33 hours according to internet common knowledge. So, injecting once a week would not be the same as 1/3 of the dose 3x a week.

Take 3000iu once a month? NOT

If testes ache on hCG, this can be associated with physical recover, but not something that is reported often. More often guys have testes ache 24x7 and hCG fixes that.

What is the “if you nuts still ache”. You just pulling hypotheticals out of the air?

I’m assuming this is an open thread and I’m not high-jacking. I’ve been on hcg 250iu e2d for a month now. My boys are hanging lower, but not as nicely as they were on Clomid mono-therapy which got me to 458ng from 254ng TT. In another thread I asked about doing both hcg and Clomid and was told categorically to avoid this. My testes no longer hurt, but again are not as satisfyingly large as they were on Clomid.

I’d rather have higher T and FT and smaller non-achey testes.

No the reason I ask is… I saw 3 different Dr’s with my labs… I showed them the protocal and here was the response

DR # 1 No need for HCG I’ll put you on androgel… I said thanks but no thanks and walked

DR # 2 said no on HCG wasnt even sure what it was and said he could do test cyp 2x per month and go from there

DR # 3 (which was a T place) said test cyp (100) every 7 days + 500iu HCG and armidex or nolvadex after e2 is checked in 4 weeks

I said screw it and went with #3 since it was the closest to protacal & inexpensive… Felt great noticed the T imediatly and had no issues with fall off everything on the T was great felt like 20 again… However my nut started to ache and shrink a bit on day 3 or 4… Felt fine when standing but sitting or laying felt weird…When I went back for shot 2 they said no reason to change things that 1x HCG was enough to keep testes active… They said 300iu is enough but they were being safe with 500iu… I like the T but the achey ball thing sucks and is kind of scary… I really dont want to have to see a new DR every week… The thing that sucks is I can find T cyp fairly easy but the HCG is a bitch if I want to go at this solo… also its cheaper to to it legit only $20 a week, but they wont listen about the hcg… I figure thats gotta be the reason for the achey stuff.

My 3 month supply of t Cyp is only $17.00, I pay for it out of pocket because its cheaper then my copay. I get it at the Costco pharmacy. T Cypionate 2000mg/10mL aka 200mg/mL


What exactly is your 3 month supply. If we are talking 10ml 200mg/ml, say so.

Hey I’ve been hijacked this thread aint about who has the best insurance…JK but for real what do you if balls ache on 100 test cyp and 500iu HCG 1 time per week… Should I wait a few weeks or just stop before anything gets worse and go back to searching for the perfect DR?

One of the stickies in the TRT forum says 100mg T, 250iu hcg e2d and .25mg anastrazole e2d. Thats my treatment and my boys don’t hurt.

THH, you should know these things from the stickies.