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HCG Question


if i am getting 1 amp 2,500 iu of HCG. what am i actually getting?
in other words: is this one dose or is it multiple doses?
for instance: most labels say 10ml/250mgs.
can somebody please explain.


Ok i won't follow typical t-trend and bash you for not understanding this. All i can do is offer my own protocol for hcg usage, note this is part of a standard (non-stop) HRT regimen. I split my testosterone dose into two shots per week and on each of those days i also take 250iu of hcg. So using your 2500 iu amp i would add 1cc of dilutent and fill ten insulin pins to the 10 unit mark giving me ten shots of 250 iu per shot. On my regimen obviously that would last 5 weeks. In order to properly advise i would have to know under what circumstances you intend to use the hcg. ie recovery? ongoing hrt? or other?


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i am satisfied with your answer, i would also be using it with either test or boldenone 250 mgs per week each.
i am a begginer, with injectables.
so i would need to first get the feel of it before i go deeper than that.
oh, will it be ok to lift afterwards, or do i do this pre or post cycle?


ignorance or lack of knowledge is not a problem i am happy to help out, 20 years ago i did not have a clue either. Anyway in answer to your question it makes no difference when you train in relation to when you do your injections, my standard pattern is injecting immediatley following my evening shower on the two days per week as i described above.


how important is it to dilute the hcg?
what do i dilute it with, sterile water?


I'd say that diluting it will make the whole process easier.

Injecting powder is a bitch :wink:

Normally when you buy it you get one vile with powder and one with diluent. It disolves instantly.


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