HCG Question?

Been on trt for a year. In the beginning I showed endro all info on hcg and an AI. He blew it off. 3 months ago had a high E2 test. Believe it is still high. Will have labs tomorrow. I believe these point to high E2: very emotional(cry for no reason), irritable, moody, lazy, and get red patches on forehead.

As for hcg: balls ache and testicular atrophy is now noticeable. I see the endro monday. I hope he gets onboard with getting me hcg and an AI. Will the hcg bring back my testes after 4 months of gel and 8 months of 150mg/week test-cyp? Thanks


Now you have your ‘case’ in 5 threads. We will not be able to help you very much. This is not a chat room, we need context.