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HCG Question on Storage?

Ok. so i finally got some HCG, from a reputable quicky mart owner/pharmacy in his native country. It got through customs thank goodness. But my dumb ass got 10000 iu instead of 5000.

So i reconstituted it per directions of a very nice and informed member here via emails to 4mil bac water, to the 10000 iu of hcg, yielding 40 shots of 250iu per 10 lines on the slin pin, in the 4 mil water stored in a seperate sterile vial.
However i only need 250 iu EOD, so that makes it last 8o days in the sterile vial sitting in the fridge.

How long will the hcg last firstly? Ive heard anything from 40-50 days. In the fridge.

Will it be useless after 50 days if thats max life, or just less potent?
Whats the best course of action in this situation, and yes… im odering 5000 ius from now on.

ALSO do you have any sides or physical affects from taking the 250iu, SC, EOD?

To recap i had 10000iu freezedried hcg, i put 3mil bac water in a sterile vial, 1 mil in the vial the hcg came in and withdrew the hcg 1mil and then depositted it into the 3mils waiting to make 4 mils. I withdrew 10 lines on the slin pin, hopefully netting me a 250iu dose, injected it into belly fat.

And now i got a headache lol. No seriously are there in signs it works or is working and how long before it will show any sides or signs.


You may well notice increased libido and if you have been suppressed a while before starting HCG, then you will notice re-plumping of the testes. I’ll leave your additional queries to others.

Sides? Your balls will quickly resuscitate if already shrunken due to use of exogenous androgens. Seriously, its effects start to become visible within hours.

I get mine from the same place as you, and it easily retains its activity over two months. It’s not impossible that there could be a very small decline in its activity in the the latter weeks I guess, but nothing perceptible to me.

As far as sides i really did experience headache and some dizzyness lol. Almost like when i start dbol. I read later that hcg can raise bloodpressure. Maybe thats what it is.
Whatever though i want my balls back and im hoping this helps natural pituitary function? Hopefully.

Thanks again for input.

You should notice an almost immediate recovery of testicular size and seminal volume from HCG. I usually notice it by the next morning. I also get a nice sting on injection that I don’t get from other compounds, even using the same water to mix.

Your post above is so detailed it hurt me head :wink: Are you saying you got one single 10000iu vial of HCG? If so, then you don’t have too much recourse other than to just reconstitute the entire thing and use it as long as you need it (well, there ARE methods, but they are probably more trouble than its worth). It is not like it is going to go one day from 100% effective to 0% effective, either, so if you started noticing a decline in effectiveness you could always increase your dose after a while.

If you have multiple vials or amps just store the unreconstituted ones in the freezer until you need them. They should be good for a very long time there.

yep… i didnt know any better i ordered the 10000iu package. It came in a mini vial, not an amp, and it came with some alchohal in an amp. I think its made for one shot. But next time ill get the 5000 iu one.

I just hope i did it correctly in reconstituting it.

Yea i have several sterile vials now, but i just put all 10000iu of freeze dried hcg in the 4mil in one vial for now. And ill use it as long as i can.

Today was first shot cant tell difference yet.
Ill keep looking, and thanks for input.

IME it takes a while for the testes to gain size.

Sounds like you reconstituted fine.