HCG Question for Cycle

week1-4 winstrol 20mg ed
week1-4 nolvadex 20mg ed
week 1-10 test enanthate 200mg week
week 9-10 1500 i.u. of hcg 3 times a week
week 11- 1500 i.u. of hcg 2 times a week
4 weeks of clomid
day 1 300mg
day 2-14 100mg ed
day 15-28 50mg ed

my question is running hcg on week 9 too soon? im guessing bushy will be the first to help me out. also should i double my dosage of test? its my first time using test.

helpful info maybe, my diet will be 1500 calories. ive already started dieting for a week now. 50g fat 100g carbs but i can only seem to get in 75g and 200g protein. i only get about 150g protein a day. i havent started to take protein shakes for this diet yet. taking BCAA’s, Multivitamin, fat burner with appetite suppresant, omega-3’s and liver protection. if the 1500 calories didnt give it away im trying to lose fat. with God’s help and some cardio after lifting im hoping to lose a good amount of fat.