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HCG Protocol Test/Tren


Hi guys,

I'm about to run a short recomp/strength cycle soon. (6-8 weeks depending on how it goes with the tren)

Was planning on

Test Prop - 100mg EOD
Tren Ace - 50mg EOD

Caber - .25mg E3D (More on hand if I feel the need to bump up to .5mg)
Aromasin - 25mg ED

Clomid Day 1 =150mg Day 2 100mg then 2 weeks at 50 and 2 Weeks at 25mg
Nolva 40/40/20/20/10

Before I get flamed about my low dosages on the test/tren front please spare me I've researched it and want to run them like that.

I would however like some advice on the best way to plan my HCG. I was thinking 500iu's/week maybe up to 1000iu's for the last 2 weeks of the cycle?

I've got some letro on hand too if it comes to that!

Think i've got all my bases covered and otherwise pretty damned stoked to see how it goes!



STATS for those who like to know

Body Fat 12%
Weight 215lbs
Lifting 8 years


The tren ace (and most will say the prop also) needs to be injected everyday.


HCG dose is almost completely independent of the type of cycle you are doing, including esters and cycle length. Anything that shuts you down warrants the same hcg protocol: 250 iu 2-3x/week. Start no later than the end of Week 2.


yea i appreciate that but i just dont fancy being a pin cushion for 6 weeks. I think not having to pin everyday is worth it.


ok so just slightly more than i was thinking and just keep that steady for the whole 6 weeks and not up it towards the end?


Why would you up it at the end?


I've just seen a few articles recently which had talked about upping the dosage a bit towards the end of the cycle presumably to help give you the best chance of recovery.

I'm not always sure what information to go on as I don't have time to go through relevant literature and decipher the consequences for me. Just makes me a bit more cautious as to who I listen to!



Injecting 50mg of tren Ace EOD will (speaking from experience) make you feel like shit, mainly from transient blood pressure fluctuations.

back fill insulin monojects and inject the Tren ED, at 25mg a day any negative side effects will be barely noticeable. If you do not want to do this for any reason I would recommend using more Prop or swapping the Tren for masteron prop which you can shoot EOD.

that's what I would do anyway.


I reckon I can handle slin pinning everyday but I was hoping to mix the prop and tren together but the prop would be too thick to such a small gauge needle. I suppose I could do that and maybe the prop EOD and just ignore the PIP

Cheers for the input...how exactly did it make you feel shit just out of curiosity?



Every single board, this prevailing "wisdom" from all the people who have never tried it because they just know deep down in their heart it won't work. They are wrong. It does work, and people here have done it many times with success. Go forth and spread this information to all those other ignorant souls out there.


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Haha nice.
Yes VT is right, I have injected prop through a slin pin many times, successfully.


Right that all good news for me cos I have a load of slin pins left from IGF-LR3 and MGF I did. Thanks for all the advice guys wont mind so many injections with slin pins at all!!