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HCG Protocol Help?

Hi all. Current provider doesn’t do HCG as a part of his approach. I’m on a transcrotal cream, daily cialis, dhea, and thyroid. Overall feeling super great in every department with the exception of orgasms. No issue with performance or desire and don’t really want to monkey around with a protocol that is otherwise working (unnecessarily).

Current T is 1700, free T 60
1 click 2x day cream
25 mg dhea AM
30 MG zinc / copper
400 mg magnesium on
1 grain desiccated thyroid AM empty stomach
5000 vitamin d
Daily cialis (5 mg same time daily)

Thinking about trying HCG via reliable rx at 250 M/w/f to see if that helps.

Am 40 with 3 kids and have a vasectomy so not interested in fertility. Just trying for more oomph.

Ps- have been on this protocol for a year now so it’s not due to hormone flux. All bloodwork, prolactin, etc in the normal range. Sleep is 8 hours a day, weight train 3x week, low / no stress in life.

Anything else you al would try or is that the best place to start?

I’m up on my year and could switch providers but trying to avoid if possible so looking for advice other than switch providers. Appreciate that POV and am considering it so please no new provider recos.

I love hcg so I’m the wrong guy to answer this, but since you asked I’d say that what you laid out looks good. For some guys the effect of hcg is subtle, for others it’s very noticeable. If you don’t get a big, obvious boost from it I would caution you against upping the dose right away. Give it some time before going higher because you simply may not need it. What you’re planning looks just right.

Thanks for the response! Excited to see if it helps!