HCG Procurement/Availability?

I have a script for HCG through my Urologist. I went to fill the script the other day at my local specialty pharmacy and they told me they are no longer dispense HCG. Apparently specialty pharmacies now need a Biologics License to dispense certain drugs, including HCG? I was purchasing a 12,000iu vial for $70. It seems only the big companies have HCG now and as a result have jacked-up the prices exponentially. I can go through my insurance, but what a total hassle with prior authorizations etc… Can anyone please clarify what has happened to the availability of HCG. Thx!

Empower still has it. The FDA or whoever quit allowing a certain type of compounding pharmacy from making it. Those with the correct cert can still make it. I still get 6000 IU’s from Empower for like $50 I think? The legit pharmaceutical stuff should be available no problem, so I’m not sure why you can’t get it

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It’s simply been reclassified as a biologic. Different license required. Several pharmacies have already received or are getting the required license. It’s a non issue.

On YouTuber called TRT Test Your Levels made a clickbait vid claiming it was no longer available and provided a link to purchase another med. Misinformation like that drives me nuts.


I saw some clinics started to offer kisspeltine10 instead but how tested and safe is that thing?

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Ask Jean François Tremblay… He’s in our FB group and has been studying peptides since the eighties. I’ve got a few vials sitting in my fridge that he sent me that I havent tried out yet.

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Thank you!!

I’d say it’s a bit more than a non-issue. No compounding pharmcies near me are doing the hcg+ thing for fear of running afoul of their license. Pregnyl is apparently the bigpharma substitute. Price I was quoted was $186/10ml.

Go to GoodRx. You can check prices of all the pharmacies around you. In my area the price is $80-100 depending on which pharmacy I use.