HCG Post Contest


Concerning the many conflicting information I find on the web, what are you opinions concerning Hcg post cycle?

I have done an amateur contest, and was under a 14wks cycle, mainly Tren En, Test Pr, Winny, Masteron. Quite the ride. (winny was around 11wks, still long)

PCT so far was clomid 50mg ED x 2weeks, with 0.5mg caber E3D. I ended it all about a month ago.

One other thing,
Haflway during my cycle I did 10 000 ui Hcg split ED evenly for 2wks.

Needless to say I would like to have your opinion on the need to kickstart the tests. I have read the typical 2500E2D+Arimidex, and other ay 500ED with Nolva, Aromasin and VitE for 3wks…

Basically would I up the dosage and keep the E2 low with Arimidex, or would it be better to go low at 500

Right now the libido is good, not great. I definitely feel not “myself” again, but it is within my tolerance zone.


[quote]Relentless wrote:

Haflway during my cycle I did 10 000 ui Hcg split ED evenly for 2wks.[/quote]

Well that was stupid…unfortunately, this sort of misinformation is common…I’m not sure if this was just how it used to be done before people were knowledgeable on TRT and fully understood what they were actually using hcg for and the risks of Leydig cell desensitization…but I see it recommended at a few places to maintain this dose…way too high

Edit: 250 iu 2-3x/week is all you need to maintain your nads…you took…ohhh…roughly 100 times this amount

Right now, hcg would not do much for you that the SERM hasn’t already attempted to do.

You weren’t very specific in symptoms and only really gave one vague symptom, which could be attributable to many things…if you think you haven’t recovered, get blood tests done to figure out why…there is a ton of info on the TRT forum…

I think he meant that he used 10k iu over a 2 week period. No idea why he wrote it that way, it is definitely confusing.


Bonez is right, the way I spelled it was a bit confusing

In terms of resetting the nads, would the Hcg add anything to restoring normal T production that the Clomid did not achieve, taking into account the time that has elapsed from the end of the cycle to the start of the PCT?

Basically would time restore the HPTA axis naturally, would it by now theorically be restored, etc… these are the kind of information I am looking for.

Is HcG still useful at this point?