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HCG Pharmacy

I HAVE A PRESCRIPTION. The problem is I use to get Novarel for $10 on my insurance, but have recently had to switch insurance. My new insurance will not cover any type of HCG.

I found pregnyl on CASH for $70 but its unavailable everywhere I’ve tried.

All the compounding pharmacies I’ve called are going to be around $50/month for there compounded HCG.

Does anyone know of any better prices/pharmacies i could look into? I think most will ship it on ice even if its out of state.

I just really can’t afford $50/month when i was getting it for $10/ 2 months


I get 10,000iu for around $40 at mwcpharmacy.com
They will ship[USA] it to you.
Make sure that you inform they to ship it dry.
They will send 2 or 3 vials at once if you can get doc to script it that way.

Midwest Compounding [Lenexa, KS] is affordable and will ship anywhere in the USA. They will ship multiple 10,000iu vials if your script states to supply all at once. Have it shipped dry, never reconstituted.


I get 5 5000iu HCG (dry) from them for $94 includes shipping.