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So ive been looking alot into the various HCG PCT protocols and their accompanying research, and im seeing one major confliction. There is more than enough research to support activation of leydig cells and boost or reactivate testosterone procuction with use, but the confliction is whether this really makes any sense to administer as once use is discontinued your natural test production goes back to ground zero as if coming off cycle.

My qestion is if this only mildly shuts down test production compared to aas or what? Why couple the HCG with ancillaries if by this school of thought you would need to continue the ancillaries to restore natural hormone levels affter discontinuing use of HCG. Im just wandering if an HCG protocol is worth the trouble after an extended cycle (16 weeks) or not?


When on cycle, the HPTA will shut down and the testes are likely to shrink. When you get off the gear during PCT, the HPTA will try to start. LH should resume, but if the testes are physically weakened, then they will need to physically grow again when stimulated by LH and will not be able to respond with full T production until they recover. So that is dead time that you do not want.

Large doses of HCG can be used in young boys to try to get undescended testes to drop. Doses for female fertility treatment are very large. You will find a lot on the net, and here, about using thousands of IUs per injection. You do not want to that because down regulation of LG receptors is the last thing that you need.

To boot start, 1000iu for two days in a row, followed by 250iu EOD would be good. Do that for 2 or 3 weeks at the end of the cycle as you taper off of gear and get into PCT. Alternatively, 250iu EOD all trough the cycle and the testes will never shrink and will stay operational. 10,000 iu will last 80 days, good for a 10-12 week cycle. If doing that, start the HCG one week into the cycle.

When guys get 2000, 3000, 5000 iu ampules intended for single dosing of females, that encourages bad practice. Multi use vials are best. SC injections are as effective as IM.

Many get by without HCG and get the testes kicking again with SERMs. There can be issues with long term SERM use.


So the HCG is going to basically go a long way to increase the effectiveness of the SERMs being used in conjuction with it. The HCG is more intended for the testicular atrophy then and not as much for the actual HPTA, hence the use of the SERM's. So with the HCG wouldn't it be feasible to significantly cut down either the dosage of SERMs being used PCT or length of PCT protocol.

With alot of PCT protocols running around the ballpark of a month, it seems strange that an HCG + SERM protocol, anthony robert's for example, would also run up to a month. Would your bodys natural production be that much closer to 100% than without the HCG?


My name is TheBeat, and I approve of this message.

Seriously though, good advice and answer. Only thing I can add is to reiderate and add to that the Hcg use is during the time that the exogenous levels are falling down to and pass normal endogenous levels, there is usually no sense in running Hcg when levels are low and your testes will respond to your naturally produced LH caused by suppressed levels during recovery - if your body will respond to your Hcg, then it will respond to Your LH, which is why when talking about a aas cycle and recovery, the Hcg is used up to 2-3 weeks past the last shot which is up until the exogenous levels wane off. I'm rambling, but I hope you get the point. The above dosing protocol is perfect.