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HCG/PCT with Test/Mast?

28yo, 6’2", 223lbs. Will be my 4th cycle. Gyno prone. Pic should be attached.

Looking at running Test E/Mast E @ 4-500/wk for 12 weeks. Original plan was 400 but will have enough to go T/600 and M/500 per week for 12 weeks. Will have Adex on hand as I have had gyno before, no other sides.

Question is, should I run HCG, and at what time/dosage? No prior experience with HCG.
Also, am I good with just Nolva for PCT? Have a stockpile, but can get clomid too if need be.

Had my levels checked a few weeks ago and was good to go; don’t have them in front of me right now but I’ll have a baseline.