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I have seconday hypogonadism -> high E2, low T and free T, low LH, FSH…

Could I use HCG and Nolva together… 250IU HCG EOD and 20mg Nolva EOD for restart HPTA?


Read KSmans sticky post. The process is described in details but it involves HCG first and Nolva following. Not at same time.


Tnx, how is with E2 when I will use HCG… I have now E2= 0,33 nmol/l (0,00-0,21 nmol/l)

can I expect a further increase in estrogen?


As your T levels rise, your E2 will likely rise also. But the degree varies from each person. You will want to run a test when you finish the HCG round so you can see at that time.


one friend told me that I could use nolva together with HCG, 1250IU E4D and nolva 20mg/day 4-6 weeks in the end I reduce nolva to 10mg or 5mg/day… what do you think?


Get new friend.

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tnx @KSman, in the end tests, hypothalamus and pituitary are active… and then after HCG, after Nolva use AI?

your tekst…

‘‘You need to be taking anastrozole as required to keep E2 near the 22pg/ml [80pmol/L] target. For mid range T levels during the above, 0.5mg/week in EOD dosing would be a good start. Typically this should be maintained after this process is complete to prevent estrogen rebound. So cruise on anastrozole afterwards for a few weeks then taper out. You need to have a liquid solution of anastrozole in vodka to dispense by the drop for small dose increments. Dissolve tablets 1mg/ml in a dropper bottle, count drops per ml and do the math. Always shaken, not stirred before dispensing’’



@KSman what do you think…

start with HCG 250IU EOD and the same time with 0,5mg AI/week
after stop HCG ->Nolva 20mg/ EOD and Al together 0,5 mg/week
4 weeks Nolva 20mg EOD /0,5mg AI week
4 to 6 week Nolva 10mg EOD/ 0,5mg AI week then STOP with ALL

what do you think?

my E2 now before HCG 60 pmol/L normal <42


Sounds good but:

E2=80 pmol/L is a good target.

<42 is range in pg/ml, not pmol/L

Anastrozole dose is dependent on T levels. If T went high range 1.0mg/week in divided doses may be needed. If you are testing LH/FSH, E2, TT, FT you will have enough info to mange things properly beyond the cookie cutter approach.


@KSman what do you think about Shree Venkatesh HCG, 5000 IU? is this OK?


As long as it is shipped dry, not a pre-mix.
You can test to see if it is real by getting a positive on a home pregnancy test.