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HCG: PCT or On Cycle


I have seen a multitude of different opinnions on the usage of HCG with regards to an AAS cycle. The two main options appear to be either on-cycle or for PCT.

I have heard many say that using a low to moderate dosage while on-cycle keeps the testes inflated, so that when PCT rolls around they do not need to recover as much.
Furthermore, I've read that HCG is suppressive, thus PCT usage may further the required length of PCT.

However, almost every book I have opts for HCG in high dosages only during the PCT phase.

If anyone can further contribute to this conundrum, with regards to the most optimal time to use HCG, I would love to hear from you.

On a side note I've used it while on-cycle, but I am debating about switching to strictly PCT usage.


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use it all the time. use hcg when you are about to have sex all the way to before that first glass of water in the morning!!! its good stuff! i got buff man!


I hope you're just joking Pankie, as continual use of HCG can desensitize your testicles to lutenizing hormone. Really not a good thing.


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Hey bro, just do a search in this section and you'll get a ton of different opinions. This is one of the most controversial issues with BB drugs...


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