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HCG, PCT and Varicocele


Hey everyone! I'm currently 22, just coming off a cycle and WAS in the process of PCT. I have a varicocele on my left testicle which has been there as long as I can remember.

In 2011 it started to get larger, to the point where it was about half the size of my testicle, so I went to see the doctor, where he immediately dismissed the problem and said it was very common in men (which i've read it is, but I DONT think that large). I thought nothing of it and continued on with life.

Fast forward almost 5 years later where I came to this site for help with my PCT of a fairly lengthy test/tren cycle (test about 4 months, tren about 2). While researching my PCT, and how to take full advantage of it, I've discovered the possibility that my varicocele might have in fact been an issue for a long time. I had almost all the symptoms of low T (before the cycle of course) excess fat, low libido (basing that off of a low dose of T I was on at the beginning of my cycle), lack of motivation in life, sleeping 12+ hours every day and just being flat out depressed all the time. The list goes on, but those are the ones that really stand out.

I began my PCT almost 2 weeks ago, starting the HCG almost a month after my last, very low, T injection. Everything was going fine, except after about 5 days on HCG, I could feel the veins around my testicles start to hurt very bad and my varicocele actually grew a small amount. It is now about 3x the size of my testicle, which from what I've been reading is pretty fuckin big.

My question now is, what do I do? If the hcg is making my varicocele grow, will it hinder my recovery? Obviously we can never truly know what my T levels were before I started my cycle, but the way I see it, if I did actually suffer from low T, my natural levels would only recover to where they were before I started PCT - which was low.

I'm considering holding off on PCT, getting surgery scheduled ASAP and then recovering after that. The way I see it now, I'm trying to think long term, and I dont want to spend 3 months doing a pct that does nothing for me because of this thing.

I'm really not sure what to do here, so please guys, help point me in the right direction.


I feel like I left some info out, so if you guys have any questions at all, please ask.


Hey man,

I've had a varicocele surgery last March, and what I would recommend is going to a urologist and getting a referral to an interventional radiologist so they can perform a procedure known as a "varicocele embolization" on you. The pros about this procedure are that they only make one small incision in your neck and guide a catheter with coils down a vein that leads to the gonadal vein. This forces the body to find alternate, usable blood paths to deliver blood to the scrotum.

A varicocele in the testicle is when the valve in the gonadal vein isn't functioning properly. I don't want to misinform you but, to my knowledge, it has absolutely nothing to do with HCG. Now, in order to improve fertility (as the varicocele does increase scrotal temperature, thereby affecting sperm mobility), I do recommend that you get it fixed. It will get rid of the pain and aching feeling and it will overall make you much more confident in whatever you're doing.

Heavy weight lifting like squatting and deadlifting will make your varicocele exceptionally worse. I've been in that position. Lay off of it, or, at the very least , use a belt, and get your procedure done. It's really not a big deal and will resolve some of the problems you are having.


Thanks for the response man. I'm seeing my vascular doctor on Monday, not sure if he will be doing anything related, but I will see what kind of referral he will give me.

How have you recovered from the surgery? Has the varicocele gone away permanently?

I know the HCG has nothing to do with the varicocele, but I was suggesting the varicocele was giving me low testosterone, which I have read is more than likely. The HCG would ultimately kickstart my testicles back into action after my steroid cycle, and also, possibly get me to a better testosterone level than before I started my cycle, seeing as how the varicocele would be gone.