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hcg or not?

How suppresive is 400mg EQ per week and 40mg Anavar ED taken in the morning only? I plan to be on the anavar for 5-6 weeks then another 2-4 weeks of EQ only. Will I need hcg, clomid or nolvy?

Equipoise is suppressive it does aromatise to estrogen which will shut down your htpa. Using hcg while on cycle to maintain testicular size and function would be a good idea. Post cycle use clomid, as you will need to block the estrogen receptors at your hpta to restart you natural test production. Also keep clomid on hand during cycle just in case the estrogen aromatization from the eq caused some gyno or estrogenic sides. This is an outside chance however. P-22

also 2-4 weeks of Equipoise? your better off just increasing your Anavar dosage and not wasting your time with 2-4 weeks Eq at the dosage you stated. The drug won’t even have kicked in, you won’t have reached a steady state of blood levels which is imperative for gains before you are discontinuing it.

Thanks for the response. I guess I didn’t make myself clear, I will be continuing the EQ at the end of the six weeks and replacing the orals with something less toxic to the liver. Any suggestions?

By the way, how much hcg and when?

Start hcg at the end of the 3rd week on cycle. This is the week that suppression begins at the testicular level. Use 250-500 iu every sat, sun untill the last week on cycle.
The big problem with using equipoise is its long half life. Recovery could be difficult. I recommend you spit up your anavar and do 3 weeks at the beginning of your cycle (make sure you get a decent front looad of your equipoise, and then finish up with 4 weeks at the end of your cycle. Basically start the anavar the day of your last equipoise injection. Equipoise stays around for a long time, so it will take about a month for blood levels of boldonone to fall bellow suppressive levels. Anavar is minimally suppressive, so this would be the most optimal way to come off cycle.

you already have class 1 nailed as far as anabolics, If you wanted to add something else to the mix which was mildly toxic I would add testosterone. It at least has some class 2 properties as well. But don’t forget about ancillaries~!

P22, thats an interesting PCT protocal. Have you used it before? And if so how well did it work? The cycle im doing in a few weeks is going to involve Test E/EQ for 10 weeks.

I use it all the time, It is Swale’s protocol. He is a specialist in the field. I have also split up the doses into once every 5 days as well, but weekly should be sufficient. This is NOT post cycle therapy however this is during cycle therapy. The purpose is to maintain testicular size and function while on cycle. This is very important to the long term health of your testicles. HCG works by mimicing lutenizing hormone which orriginates at the pituitary axis. Use of hcg will inhibit release of this hormone at the pituitary, therefore causing suppression.