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HCG or Not?

37 yo here my first cycle is going to be:

500 mg Test E/week X 12 weeks + .25 Adex everyday
Do I need to take 250 iu HCG 2X week X 12 weeks in order to be able to recover or can I get by without it?


“Need” is a strong word when used in its standard meaning.

Interpreting your post that way the answer is no.

Do you need to lift weights? The answer to that also is no. Might you want to, for better results?

The answer is yes, in both cases.

On a different topic, I would not recommend 12 weeks. Eight is a better choice. No, that does not, over time, mean less results, as you can do follow-up cycles that much more quickly. Or if you are planning the ever-elusive-in-actuality “just one cycle,” well, you would do better with two 8 week cycles than one 12 week and could tell yourself you did just two but in a way that was better for you than just one longer one.

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This guy usually post the same questions on at least one other board, of which I am aware, under a different handle. I don’t agree with that tactic, and I see so many people doing it.