HCG or FSH for Conception?

Hi all,

Current TRT user, took a sperm test and no swimmers. Defy is prescribing HCG, but I have been on it before and don’t like it so I would prefer to not take it if possible.

FSH is much more money, but presumably wouldn’t cause the same reactions that HCG gave me. Would FSH alone be enough or would it need to be both?

Also, my wife is on TRT as well, I assume she needs to taper off?

FSH can only improve sperm parameters compared to just using HCG, but HCG is still recommended while using FSH.

I’m not sure about this one, I would check your wifes fertility before considering tapering off because it may not be necessary.

Maybe, depends on how high her levels are, but a female taking testosterone while pregnant risks masculinization of the fetus. A female fetus could develop a scrotum and penis. Testosterone should not be used during pregnancy.

If it is my wife, I’d want her to stop testosterone prior to conceiving.

Got it. Looks like I will have to get on HCG no matter what option I choose. Sounds like FSH would just better my odds so that if I am wanting to get her pregnant the fastest, I would jump on a combo right away.