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HCG or Another Option for Help TRT?

I cant seem to find what im looking for directly.
Im thinking i already know the answer to this but here goes.

Is HCG the only way to start the pitutary<?> / HPTA function and bring your testes back up?

I have good range of serms and ai’s now. But i cant find any hcg i can trust. Im cycling a few times a year and running trt all year.
After 16 weeks im starting to see alot of testes shrinkage and draw up. Im not plumb stupid, and i do alot of research on my own. Then i decide to post.

But basically i dont think ai or serms will help with this problem of keeping testes good while constantly running trt through the year, or will it?

Is HCG the only option?
And is there a HCG peptide or equivalent that can still be “legally” purchased from reliable distributors? I asked my urologist for a scrip and he was reluctant at best, and y insurance wont fill it, and it is very expensive that route.

So any info much appreciated.

hCG will help your testes, otherwise it will shut down your HPTA

If your testes are smaller, your LH is getting low. This can be from repression from E2 or prolactin. Drugs, Rx or OTC, can reduce E2 clearance, increasing E. Some drugs or gear can increase prolactin. Drugs to reduce hair loss, 5-alpha reductase inhibitors, can mess up libido and or HPTA for some guys - sometimes severely.

To maintain the testes during a cycle, your only choices are hCG or SERMs.

Cycles plus TRT: You are HPTA shutdown all of the time. SERMs are not suitable. If you are prescribed TRT, get a script for hCG and inject 250iu SC EOD. It is not expensive, pay for it out of pocket. If you leave your testes shutdown, fertility is at risk and the testes may under go permanent structural changes - aka drug induced organ failure. Read my post on injection protocol.