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HCG only, TRT

Ok, I am thinking about starting TRT, but I want to keep my fertility. After doing some research and having my blood work done, I am definately secondary hypogonadic, so HCG should be able to ramp up the boys. Does anyone here have experience with this type of TRT? Thanks

there is a great thread devoted to hcg. do a search for it.

Hey P-Dog, I did a search and I really didn’t see anyone who has used HCG only as a Testosterone Replacement Therapy. There is a lot of stuff on using HCG during a AAS cycle, but very little on actual TRT only therapy.

I know there are a lot of schools of thought on the “best” TRT device. Just wondering if anyone on this forum has experience with this therapy.

hcg is not trt. using hcg while not on cycle will shut you down even more. look for the thread i believe it was started by lats2dope.

tallen. this is a steroids forum. most responses you will find in the search engine are going to touch on steroid related subjects. we dont use hcg for the reasons you are. rather as artificial stimulation of the hpta while suppressed from AAS.

HCG triggers the testes to produce endogenous testosterone. It also causes them to produce an equal amount of estrogen. Therefore you will need some sort of estrogen blocker or antiestrogen. Are you being prescribed this therapy by your Dr.?

Not yet. I am just arming myself with information. I thought this would be a decent forum as most folks on AAS have more experience with HPTA and Test than the average bear. I know that hcg is technically not TRT, but it does stimulate the boys to produce testosterone and will raise overall T. Granted, it does interupt the axis, but it still keeps the boys active to hopefully avoid infertility.

the problem would be when you stopped taking it. if you took it for very long you would end up severely shut down and in worse shape then when you started. go to the doc and ask for some hrt. if your levels are that low you may get it.